Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Night Work

we are now in the second week of being out on the streets at night and its starting to get busier, still no where near how busy it will be later in the season, but its getting there. Its been great getting to know some of the workers and pr's whilst it is quiet. I leave home at 10.30 pm. for the first hour, we as a team will pray and worship and then we go out onto the streets. We are out and about on the streets or oncall for the rest of the summer until october. Its great to be getting started.

We took home our first drunk on monday. she was on the side of the road covered in vomit and blood. we got her home to her hotel safely. At night, aswell as helping those who get a bit drunk or whatever, we tell people about the centre we run, we have some great chats and hang out, and we also offer to pray with people or take prayer requests from people which we pray for in the chapel. Its the start of a busy, tiring, mad and exciting season!!

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