Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Night time messiness

I hope that some stories i share give an insight into what im getting up to this summer.

Last night i experienced my first messy situation of the summer. Myself and Tracy - who lives and works out here year round for 24-7 ibiza - helped take a really drunk girl and her friend back to their hotel. She had been drinking heavily and was petty much unconcious, seni-naked and alone on the street when we received a call from one of our friends who is a pr for a bar. Thankfully we were able to help her and her friend back to their hotel with the use of our 24-7 wheel chair which was well and truly christened.

I am glad that we were there to help her home safely. Im glad im in a position to be able to help those who get into a vulnerable state. I am glad that jesus christ first loved me which is what fuels my passion for this work. I am glad i have a washing machine to wash the chunks and bile from my 24-7 ibiza hoody!!!

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