Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Centre Opening

On monday 3rd May the 24-7 Ibiza centre opened in the west end. The centre is here to provide a place for the workers of the town to network, get 30 minutes free internet connection, play the wii, have a game of table tennis, access to free water, someone to chat with or pray with, use of the chapel and more. The weather was atrocious today, some hectic thunderstorms, heavy rain and lightening – I thought the med was suppposed to be sunny???

Two people came to make use of the centre today, by august the place will be packed so its a nice introduction. One face was an old friend of 24-7's and its been great to get to know him. The other face was new to ibiza and is an example of the people and situations that I will be coming into contact with this summer. An alcoholic who came to ibiza to escape a situation, who has spent all his money in three weeks of being here. How quickly life can hit the bottom. It is an honour to be able to offer some help by means of a free phone call back home, internet use to check out a flight, some water and a chat. However, it is much more of an honour to be able to pray with him, for him and his situation, to be able to offer a place of sanctuary and to place in his hands the word of God which is so powerful in bringing love, hope and freedom!!!

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