Saturday, 14 May 2011

comm - unity

It really feels like the community of people living here and working for 24-7 Ibiza are starting to come together. After 2 weeks of being here I really feel settled and it feels good to be back finding my rhythm and feet in this lifestyle.

One thing that I learnt last year from being here in Ibiza and working as a part of 24-7 Ibiza, was the importance of unity. Brian () shared from Pslam 133 which says, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!... For there the Lord bestows his blessing…”. I want to continue to hold onto this.

I guess that any community or group of people needs such unity to thrive.

I think that knowing our value is important to a strong and healthy community. Each part of the body and each brick in the wall is important for the whole body and structure.

I think that knowing our identity in christ plays an important part in the formation of community as well.

From being a son or daughter of our father in heaven and from all that jesus has done for us comes our value and identity.

Jesus as the centre, cement, blood, and firm foundation.

Im loving being in Ibiza and am praying and hoping and seeing and enjoying great unity and community.

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