Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Season

It seems apropriate but unintended to send this out on the eve of easter sunday.

If you are reading this I do salute you.
After 10 months of not touching my blog I thought I should reconnect with this great way of sharing stories.

It is with great pleasure that I will be returning to Ibiza this summer for another season working with 24-7 prayer in Ibiza. Some of my friends still think all I will be doing is drinking marguerittas on the beach for 6 months. No. This summer will be packed with so much more I am sure.

After winter in the UK, after some R and R and some hard work, I very much look forward to getting stuck into the new season. I’m expectant of this summer being even better than the amazing 6 months I spent in Ibiza last year.

I look forward to living with new friends, catching up with old ones, celebrating new marriage, being amazed by our creator, watching out for my neighbour, growing deeper in relationship with Jesus, watching the sunset, living life to the full, hours of prayer, Mediterranean cuisine, living on the same continent as my girlfriend, dancing in celebration of how good he is…

I just can’t help but wonder whether I have slept enough this winter in preparation.

Hoping I can keep a blog going this summer!

Jesus christ is risen ...

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