Wednesday, 2 June 2010

space, dolphins and deep water soloing

Ibiza is such a beautiful place. Was able to step out yesterday afternoon for a bit of climbing on some cliffs near to san antonio. After doing a route traversing the coast ranging from 1 - 40 feet above the water we saw a couple of dolphins jumping alongside a boat just 50 meters out to sea. It was great!!!

Me and Bruce went to space opening on saturday night and danced for 11 hours from before sunset until sunrise to some awesome dj's inluding fatboy slim and groove aramada.

Its not all sun and climbing, dlophins and clubbing - thats just a great perk of being here. Im out every night or on call this week in the west end. I love it, but its tiring getting in at 4 in the morning! God is good and his love endures forever!!!

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