Tuesday, 20 April 2010

An Ode to Neil by James Barber

A time has come from up on high,
To journey south in three weeks nigh,
And slip the surly hands on work,
Free from patients crying "my venflon hurts".

A new adventure, to a new time,
I have trouble making this poem rhyme,
Good luck Neil may adventures flow,
in Ibiza's capital San Antonio.

Will you miss the early starts,
Nightime working and the other staff,
To save the souls of party life,
The wayward flung and wayward strife.

The best of luck from all of us,
Enjoy and learn this is a must,
Stay in touch and let us know,
Your stories of wayward San Antonio.

And finally i have to say,
I hope you had a fun last day,
May God be with you and do his utmost,
Let us all to you celebrate this tonight.

cheers James, love your work!

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